Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd week of clinic

Today I started my second week of clinic. I was able to pass off my Basic Eaglesoft PE and PPE PE. I have learned that PPE is VERY important in the dental clinic. I knew this before but I have learned a lot more about it and understand the importance of it even more now. (If I wasnt a germ freak before, I am now!) I have also been learning how to propery place barriers and take them down in my unit. I think that if I can get these first few PEs ingrained into my brain that everything else will follow accordingly.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of Clinic

Today I got to experience the clinic and find out my station (I'm by the East windows which is AWESOME and I totally love my "pod" group already!). I, however, realized that we were supposed to take our instruments home over the weekend and label all of them (approx 100 things) and OF COURSE, I didn't do that. So I was frantically labeling instruments this morning while we were getting familiar with our station (I did get them all labeled in time, PHEW!) It was a lot of fun getting to know everyone and I am looking forward to clinic on Wednesday. I cant wait to start learning the basics of scaling teeth!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orientation Day

Today I got to dive RIGHT INTO hygiene 101. We received our lockers (I'm on the bottom because I didnt know we were choosing lockers)...oh and did I mention I was 20 minutes late on my ORIENTATION day!?! I want EVERYONE to know I am extremely punctual so this is completely against my nature to be late...especially on the first day...but that is ENOUGH about being late because its not happening AGAIN! Second; we got our instruments, and I don't mean we got a tiny basket full of instruments you see the hygienists use in a dental office, we got a BOX of instruments and I even got my own syrynge...yes that means I will be recruiting (in the future) for volunteers to anesthetize. hahaha. Anyway, I'm excited for Monday to get in to the routine of things and get to know the girls!