Monday, November 30, 2009

Last day of 1st semester clinic!!

Today was our last day of clinic.  We learned our "CA" duties for next year and different emergency procedures.  I can NOT believe this semester is over.  I remember feeling so overwhelemed in August and here I am; I SURVIVED!! semester is a different story but for now I am just focusing on today.  I have learned so much these past couple of months but I am so glad we have another year and a half to practice our skills.  I am in NO WAY ready to be released on my own!!  Until next year...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Patient Day

Yesterday I saw my first "official" patient.  Who was luckily, my husband. :)  Everything went okay...I was only able to scale 1 quad.  I felt really inadequate when I was scaling though.  Jeff actually had calculus, and I wasn't able to hand scale very well at all!  I ended up using the ultrasonic, which really helped me out a lot.  Indirect vision is SO hard!!  I just cant imagine EVER being able to get the hang of it.  I'm now nervous for next semester when all I do is clean teeth.  I'm feeling kind of stressed about it.  Oh least I survived my first patient.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So today I was the "patient" for Megan, on our LAST mock patient day!!  I am SO excited for Monday!  I can't wait to have my first "real" patient in the chair.  I am excited to see some calculus (possibly) and put my skills to use.  I am feeling sort of confident and am ready to start feeling like a hygienist!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's just began...

Today was my last "mock" pt day. I can't believe how fast this semester has gone! I'm very excited to see my first "real" pt (who is my lucky hubby Jeff) on Monday. It will be a good experience to work on someone who doesn't know what I should be doing! :) hopefully I will be confident and composed. See ya Monday!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Mock" Patient day #1!

Today we had our first mock patient (it was Jenny!).  We treated them just like we would a "real" patient.  Started with the whole HHX & OD.  We had to probe the entire mouth and let me just say, that took me 45 minutes!!  Its hard to think that I will EVER be able to do it, in under 5 minutes one day!  I then was able to scale 2 quads, one quad hand scale & one quad with the ultrasonic.  I still have so much to learn.  I feel like its taking me so long to get the hang of this, its kind of disappointing.  It takes so much time to learn how to hold the instrument properly & use your mirror & know how to talk to your patient about caries & perio, etc.  On Wednesday I get to be Jenny's patient.  And then next Monday I get to be the hygienist again.  I cant believe that I will be working on Jeffs mouth in 2 weeks!!  Crazy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sharpening Instruments

Today we learned how to sharpen our instruments and it was okay.  It sounds AWFUL - equivalent to nails on a chalk board!!  But over all I think I kind of got it.  I just want to pass off the rest of my PE's so I can just relax for awhile.  We only have 4 left!!  Today is also our last "regular" day of clinic - HOLY CRAP!!  From here on out we are just cleaning teeth...that is soooo scary to me.  I dont feel ready at all- I'm still learning adaptation! let alone scaling 4 quads.  I'm even scared to clean my families teeth.  I'm going to forget everything.  Anyway, next week I have my first mock patient.  We'll see how that goes.

HaLlOwEeN pArTy!

We had our Halloween Hygiene party on Friday (10/30) and the juniors & seniors partied together! Woohoo.  Enjoy the pics.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sealants & FL trays YUM

Today we got to practice sealants.  Luckily, I have done those 100's of times so it wasn't too hard.  We also were able to experience what it is like to have a huge fluoride tray in your mouth full of foam!  :)  Yummy!  I cant believe we only have one more day of "regular" clinic and the rest of the semester is "mock" patients and then REAL patient!!  The semester is almost over...I can do this...