Thursday, December 2, 2010

3rd Semester: CHECK

Ok ladies and gentlemen, the end of 3rd semester is HERE, clinic is DONE, and finals are (just about) OVER!  I wasnt sure a semester could go any faster than the first 2...but I was proven wrong, AGAIN!  Now what lies ahead of me is far scarier than any thing I have ever gone through before.  BOARDS!!!  I am talking in about 12 weeks I will be taking the National Dental Hygiene Board!!! All 350 questions of it.  I have 3 months to prepare...wish me luck.  But for now, just wish me a merry Christmas because I'm outta here til January! Peace ~*~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tick tock

This is me counting down the time to the end of this semester!!  I have already completed all of my requirements (YAY!) so now I'm just going to clinic to enjoy whoever shows up (or doesn't...I don't care either way ;-)  I have 2 clinic days left and 1 VA day left.  I haven't added up my total quads completed but I'm way over and I've also completed around 30 something injections.  You would think with all of those injections that I would have my landmarks down pat and I wouldn't shake as I'm recapping the needle but I DO!  Its ok, practice makes perfect.  Although I want this semester over with...I kind of don't.  I know what that means for me.  It means that I need to start busting out the national board review exam books and cramming every bit of information that will fit into my brain.  It also means I get to fork over $1,000's of dollars and complete 5, that's right, F-I-V-E boards before March is over.  This is a little over 4 months away.  Needless to say I'm feeling severe anxiety and a little nauseous about the whole thing.  I'm so scared I wont pass my exams...and I'm talkin ANY of them.  I might set a WSU record by failing every exam there is to fail.  HOWS THAT FOR OPTIMISM!?! haha.  On the bright side...I DO feel that my clinical skills have great improved in the last month.  I feel pretty confident that I could clean (almost) any mouth presented to me.  How well I would do...not sure...but I know my instruments, where they go, how to adapt them, chair positions and how to apply lateral pressure.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I felt was a really great day.  I started out with a patient who was a mix of class II & III - YAY!  She allowed me to finish up my class III exam requirements.  She also had a lot of staining on her teeth that I was able to remove with the ultrasonic! That was really cool.  I really felt like I was able to help her and she was soo grateful to be in our clinic and wanted to tell everyone about it - YAY again! :-) 

Afternoon patient was a returning class III patient and all I can say is TENACIOUS CALCULUS and my back is KILLING me!!!  I have never wanted a patient to tell me to please not continue on to another quad.  After her UR I was sooo done.  My hand was hurting and my back was writhing in pain.  Of course she wanted me to keep cleaning her teeth I did.  She had pretty deep pockets on the maxillary anterior teeth and that was a challenge.  I've never had to clean deep pockets there so I pretty much sucked at it on the UR.  By the UL though, I was kind of getting it down....after I got out my files, mini graceys, regular graceys, and every ultrasonic tip I own!  I worked and WORKED on getting that calculus out and it did pay off...but again, I'm HURTING SO BAD!!  I was even trying to watch my posture...but I think I must have been having chicken wing arms or something, which is why I'm suffering.  I was really proud of myself for using a TON of indirect vision today.  Overall...I finally feel as if I'm learning something.  Prof. Alexander is awesome.  She is sooo good at teaching you and showing you new techniques and really watching and correcting you.  OH and I got to do 7 more injections today!  :-)  WOOHOO.  It gets less scary the more you do it.  That makes for a total of 15 so far...I think.  Anyway, by the end of clinic today I was feeling pretty good about scaling & root planning (and yes I passed off that PE).  YAY FOR A GOOD CLINIC DAY!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dont worry...I've done this before

Today was great.  FIRST: both of my patients showed up!!! HALLELUJAH!  SECOND: Both class III"s!!  THIRD: I did 8 injections between the 2 of them! (lucky them)  So this was my first time doing injections on someone other than Jenny so I was a little nervous.  I find the left side IA much easier to do, but the left PA super hard!  I find it harder to do the right side IA.  In fact...I kept having "osseous" contact with my last patient and had to poke her 3 times to get her IA right. I felt really bad, especially since she didnt speak a lick of English and I couldn't ask her questions or explain what was happening...though that might have been a good thing since I kept having to tell Prof. Alexander, "I'm hitting her bone" over and over.  No one wants to hear that!  But overall I was able to complete 3 quads of a class III (I think I only need 1 quad left to have my class III exams finished). 

My last patient was REALLY hard.  Her calculus was really tenacious and I felt like even the ultrasonic was struggling!  I passed off 1 PE (ultrasonic) and I wanted to do the file PE but Alexander wants me to have used it more than "once" before she passes it off...but I used them none the less so why not let it count?  They aren't that hard.  I did learn a lot about accessory fulcrums.  Fulcruming on your finger is awesome. (not being sarcastic seriously worked, especially since the pt had class III mobility on her lower anteriors and there was no where else to fulcrum)  Anyway - GOOD DAY! YAY!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mock board #1: Failure

Well needless to say my patient DID NOT show up for mock boards this a surprise to anyone?  Certainly not me.  Although I must say the lady was quite convincing that she was going to come in; especially since she went out of her way to come in for x-rays on a Friday so that I would have everything ready to go for her.  Confirmed her yesterday, she said "Yes I will be there by 8:00" and what happens?  8:10...8:20...8:30 rolls by.  OOPS! SHE MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN! AND she refused to pick up her phone when called. @#$(*@ about 8:15 I realized she wasn't coming and decided I better start scrambling for another patient.  I just wanted SOMEONE in my chair.  Luckily there was a man in the waiting room with his wife, that was willing to be my patient.  I had NO clue what the condition of his mouth was but I was just desperate to get ANYONE, especially since "check in time" was 8:30.  I hurry and take xrays on him (wasn't able to complete all of the ones that were necessary though because I had NO clue which quad I would be cleaning! so there went 4 points right off the bat) So I took 4 BWX and chose the one with the most radiographic calculus (UR) and then submitted 4 extra teeth in 2 of his other quads, and PRAYED it would be accepted. 

After I sent my patient to the examiners (30 minutes past check in), I then went straight to the back room and sobbed for 3 minutes and then pulled it together and went out and cleaned some teeth because HE QUALIFIED!  (truly an answered prayer)  I then proceeded to do the most thorough cleaning of my entire life (I'm pretty sure I explored his mouth 8-10 times before he left my chair).  However...I still missed 5 places!!  They were the TINIEST most MINUTE specks of calculus known to man...I'm not even sure how they were found.  SO there went -30 points.  And then, come to find out I had a -1 deduction because I clearly dont know how to classify a cross-bite!  So yes...add up all the points and I'm left with the grand score of 65%.  10 points below passing for a REAL board exam. 

It then dawned on me that on the "REAL" boards I can only miss 4 spots of calculus and EVERYTHING else MUST be perfect!  It makes me sick to even think about it.  A $975 test could all be blown over a couple of tiny specks of missed calculus.  However...I want to say that this was an extremely good learning experience for me and that I'm looking forward to the next one as LONG as my patient shows up.  That no show threw me into an emotional roller coaster.  I'm pretty sure I have set a record in the program for the most confirmed "no shows". 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Class III's have arrived!

So after my long, LONG, wait for class III patients...I have finally had the opportunity to clean 3 of them!!  Hallelujah.  It all started with my angel friend, Marilyn, who gave me her patient after my patient canceled. (Whats new? my patients ALWAYS cancel!!)  I was able to see a class III (who I think should probably be a class IV...but beggers cant be choosers) and she had severe mobility on her lower anterior teeth.  They were also completely coated with calculus.  The calculus was hanging over the facials even.  So I did a debridement in 30 minutes (this was all the time I had due to cancellations and meeting with the dentist about my pt...etc etc) and as I was debriding, I was FREAKING out because I was pretty sure her teeth were about to come out!  I had to hold them in place as I used the ultrasonic around them.  The calculus that came off was incredible.  I'm talking HUGE pieces...had to get out the HVAC.  Anyway, that day was awesome.  Got to declare her as 2 quads of a class III exam.  The next day at the VA, I saw two class II patients.  Let me tell you about them.  The first man had all crowns and bridges.  He did not know how to care for his bridges so I had to scale food out from under them for a good 5 minutes *gag...I know its unprofessional to say that but FOOD is the only thing that churns my stomach as I clean someones mouth...I just cant handle it* but I kept it together and cleaned him up.  The second guy was a 23 year old and I thought for sure he would be a 1B.  However, he had not been to the dentist in so long that his tissues were very infected and he had so much calculus.  Cleaning him was very fun!! (not being sarcastic, being serious!)  I was able to declare 2 quads for an exam so I have officially completed 1 class III exam and scaled 7 quads (8 are required for this semester).  I'm feeling SO much better!!  I hope they keep comin in! :-)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cancellations and Injections

Ok the "not showing up" for appointments, is getting REALLY stressful!  I have only had ONE clinic day that went smooth.  The other 3 have had no shows and it causes me to go into slight PANIC MODE!  Everytime I schedule a class III they mysteriously dont show someone taking them and claiming them as their own!?  jk.  But seriously, I really REALLY need a class III already.  I'm starting to get a little nervous about not having one.

On Friday we did our first injections!!  I will admit that I was SOOOO scared/nervous!  But it ended up to be so awesome!  Jenny did amazing and I really didnt even feel the injections.  It was totally not what I thought it would be.  And giving the injections was fun (although I was really scared to do the nasal I didnt "bury my bevel" deep enough which caused Dr. Hanson to shove it into Jennys gum for me....SORRY JENNY!)  Other than that, great day! and a great week too.  Soooo glad we have 2 more injection sessions and we are set free to do it on patients!  Hooray!

Do you really think I wouldnt document this incredibly scary time with pictures?! Think again!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mockboard Baby!

So I FINALLY saw my first official class II patient today AND she qualified for my mockboard patient! WOOT WOOT!!  So although my class V patients have been SOOO much fun (yes I have see a total of 8 class V patients and have officially completed my requirements for II/V 36 quads for the semester blah blah) I was needing a challenge.  Well my class II pt did present me with this (See image below**).  And why did I ever doubt my ultrasonic?  I must publicly announce that I will never think that the ultrasonic cant handle whatever is thrown at it again because although my patient came in looking like this

She left looking like this

Thats right**

SO although I have not seen my class III patients yet, I am in high hopes that they are on their way and that I can, perhaps, learn more important skills, besides learning how to "deplaque" a class V patient.

**Not actual patient photos ;-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Class V...Class V...Class V....Class V...Class V

You might be wondering why my title has 5 Class V...well thats because thats the only classification I have seen this semester.  Five patients that are a Class V.  I'm getting a LITTLE bored.  I need more of a challange.  I want my class III and IV patients!  I did get to use my mini graceys though (I liked that) and I attempted to place Arestin on the distal of #15.  That was a challenge!  Prof. Wold ended up doing it for me because it was really difficult to find the pocket.  Overall today was pretty good...I just need more calculus!! :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2nd week of clinic DONE!

This week was so exhausting.  I had my first full day of patients.  The first woman was a class V and my second no showed me (crappy) so I had to use my emergency patient (my father in law) and he was also a class V.  I was able to complete them both in 30 minutes...but this didnt make me feel very good when everyone else around me was working on their class III and finding their mock board patient!  So it made me a little discouraged.  I also experienced my first VA day today.  Lets just say...SO glad thats over.  I got to see a class II (easy one at that) and then waited an hour to have the doctor come do an exam.  Needless to say my group didnt get to leave until way after closing because of how long my patient took (sorry group...).  Anyway, I'M TIRED! and just DONE!  I so wish classes were done for the rest of the week but unfortunately we have dental meds on Friday (the fun continues...) and I know I sound so sarcastic/pessimistic/down right now but thats what happens when you're a dental hygiene student, you're husband is living in AZ for med school and you are a mom to a 2 year old who has more energy than you at any given moment - it just wears you down, and this is only the beginning!!  I need a break.  I'm SO glad tomorrow is my day off.  I love this program and I'm so grateful to be a part of it (truly) but sometimes I just feel defeated.  Today is one of those days.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So it appears that the inevitable has happened...I am back in clinic to endure my final year as a hygiene student.  This first day of clinic doesn't involve patients thank goodness, but starting next week we are expected to have 2-4 patients a day!  *crap*  I'm nervous but excited.  However, when the instructors start talking about "mock boards", "anesthesia", "class III/IV requirements" I start hyperventilating just a little.  I really dont know if I'm going to survive my last 2 semesters here...I'm seriously freaking out JUST A LITTLE...anyway.  Thought I would say hello and I will return to tell the tale (I hope) of my first 2 patients. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Final Day of Clinic

Today was my last day of my first year clinic...WOW! is all I have to say.  I cant BELIEVE I have made it this far.  I remember back in August feeling so overwhelmed and terrified about learning everything and now here I am, 8 months later, and I can clean a 1B in 25 minutes with 0 mistakes!  Now THAT is progress! ;-)  I am so proud of myself.  I love this program and I am sooo looking forward to this time next year!  How crazy will it be to be saying goodbye to clinic and hello private practice!  I cant wait!  I might write over the summer if I start having scaling withdrawals lol.  See ya in August!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last MoNdAy in clinic

Today was a great Monday - super easy 1B patient (thanks Deanna!)  Its sooo nice to have all of my requirements complete so I can just focus on cleaning ANYONE'S teeth!  I don't have to stress about PEs, x-rays, classifications, etc!  I missed 3 spots today on my patient...however...I think Jeff was being a little picky.  I don't usually miss spots on 1B patients...oh well.  WEDNESDAY IS MY LAST DAY!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Requirements DONE!

Today I met ALL of my requirements for clinic.  I finished my class III patient and my last PE.  There are 2 clinic days left; I cant BELIEVE how fast my first year has gone.  Next week I will just see 1Bs and relax. :-)  It feels so good knowing that everything has been met and all I have to do is survive next week; then its clinic check out and I am FREE FOR THE SUMMER!!  Its amazing how much more confident I feel now.  At the beginning of the semester I was a nervous wreck and now I feel really good about cleaning teeth.  I'll write next week for my final entry for my junior year!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday was the best clinic day EVER!!!  I was able to verify that my patient was a complete class III (THANK YOU PROF. ALEXANDER!! and Miriam!)  And I cleaned 2 quads.  Cleaning a 3 is awesome.  Their gums are hanging open and saying "clean meeee, clean meeee!"  So after numbing her up it was amazing because you are free to clean them however you need too.  I love my ultrasonic!  The calculus was just coming off in chunks.  I only missed 4 spots on 2 quads and Prof. Costley complimented me on my mad cleaning skills. NOT TO MENTION; I passed off my last instrumenting PE!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are you class III??

This past week was frustrating.  I THOUGHT I would get to see my class III (my pt with ANUG) BUT she no showed me and I ended up with a 1B that day.  Its really getting down to crunch time and I dont have time to do anything but my class III.  She did reschedule for this Wednesday, IF she comes!  I don't know if I can rely on her now.  I have met all of my requirements for clinic and I'm almost done with my PE's.  The new hygiene student orientation is on the 5th.  That should be exciting! :)  I cant believe this year is almost over.  Only 6 days left in clinic - SCARY!!  I'm feeling pretty good about my skills in clinic.  I haven't experience very hard cases...but with 1B's I'm feeling great! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Personal Note...

Today I went in for my 6 month cleaning at my doctors office.  Apparently they have 3 hygienist working there and I had never seen the one that cleaned my teeth today (I LOVE the other one).  Well...NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT EVER let her clean my teeth AGAIN!!  She hurt me SO bad and caused tissue trauma!  I kept wanting to say, "ADAPT! ADAPT!!!"  I was really disappointed that this woman is a Weber State graduate and apparently learned NOTHING!  She REALLY needs to go back to school.  First of all, I'm a 1B patient, she did NOT need to use a working stroke on EVERY SINGLE tooth!  Also, she was VERY aggressive which also did NOT need to happen, due to me being a 1B.  My knuckles were probably white from clutching on to the arm rests.  My mouth was pouring blood during the cleaning which does NOT happen to me - I brush and floss people.  And I can now feel a piece of gingiva just hanging there, that has been RIPPED, on my lower anteriors. And when she probed my mouth, I kept thinking, "MARSHMALLOW! MARSHMALLOW!!" Lets just say, the only positive thing I have about her is that she did do an oral cancer screening.   Anyway...just wanted to share my traumatic cleaning experience.  No wonder people are afraid of the dentist and HATE getting their teeth cleaned.  If I had her to look "forward" to every 6 months, I would be on valium too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yep thats right.  My patient today presented with ANUG which is Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds.  When I went to do the intra-oral exam I KNEW somethin was up right away, due to her fire engine red gums with a tinge of gray.  They were also VERY inflamed, swollen, edemetous, blunted, fluctuated, diffuse. (pretty much EVERY descriptive word on our blue sheet that we use)  Not to mention she was in a LOT of pain.  I probably shouldn't have probed her because of the amount of pain she was in (but I didnt know it was NUG at the time) and I just thought she was being overly sensitive because she was nervous to be there in the first place - she hadn't been to the dentist in over 10 years.  I start probing and literally, the gums around her back molars felt like mush.  I was getting a lot of depths between 4-7mm.  She was in so much pain though that I couldnt get true readings on some of the deeper pockets.  She also had more calculus in her mouth then I have EVER seen on someone.  I'm talkin grayish/black calculus.  So once I had finished my OD and took a FMX on her my instructor came over and said "hmm...I think you have ANUG".  We consulted with Dr. Bingham and sure enough, she did!  I did not scale today but instead we put her on amox. & chlorohexadine mouthrinse.  Shes coming back in 2 weeks for me to start scaling.  So I wish I could say she was a true class III but she was only a II!!!  However, Prof. Costely agreed that I could count her lower quads as a III and that if her calculus on top is very tenacious, that I can count her as a full class III patient - SO, HERES TO HOPIN FOR TENACIOUS CALCULUS!!  I really am not sure where to even begin when she comes back besides anesthetic and the orange ultra sonic tip...and I suppose I will have my graceys on hand as well!  This is going to be a REAL learning experience for me.  I need patients like this though because I dont want to be surprised by anything when I'm working in private practice.  OH, I also got to use "oraqlix" on her, which is this super cool click instrument that deposits lidocaine into the pockets without giving a shot.  Anyway, ITS SPRING BREAK!!!  See ya in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Class II Exam!!

So this past week has been great.  I was able to clean my step-moms teeth and she said I was the best hygienist she's ever had! :-)  And I know she meant it because she has extremely sensitive teeth and I didn't hurt her once! (ok maybe ONCE but it was on accident).  Other then that, it was great. What a compliment! :-)  Today I saw my dad and he qualified for my class II exam, YAY!!  That means I just have to find my class III patient and I am all set for the year!!  I am PRAYING that my patient on Wednesday meets this qualification so I can focus the rest of my time on getting her scaled and then I can relax.  As long as I pass all my tests in other classes I will have survived my 1st year of dental hygiene! :-D  I really love cleaning teeth and I'm feeling much more confident with every patient I see.  I'm sure I will be intimidated once I get my class III but I'm not too worried about it - it will come next semester when that is all I really see. The second years are getting ready to take their boards, I cant believe that I will be in their shoes this time next year; exciting!  To meet my clinic requirements I just need to: scale 4 quads of a class III, perform 1 sealant, see one more patient of any classification and complete my PE's (only 5 left).  Not too shabby.  I'll let you know how Wednesday goes!

Monday, March 1, 2010

11 more clinic days

Today I finished up my class II.  I didnt miss any spots either!  I'm really REALLY wanting to see a class III though.  I only have 11 more days of clinic to find my class III, do 3 sealants, finish up my PEs and FIND A DENTURE PATIENT!!  I'm getting a little stressed but spring break is in 2 weeks and I can NOT wait. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Week!

This week has been crazy.  I have seen 4 patients! 3 of them were kids and I only was able to scale half a mouth of a class II BUT that makes for 14 quads this week!!  I did much better on my class II today, but she wasn't nearly as hard as the first one I had.  I'm feeling a little bit more confident with every patient but I still am getting the wrong end of the instrument quite often!  SO FRUSTRATING.  Anyway, I can't believe we're half way through the semester.  That makes me sooooo hopeful! I'm going to finish up my class II on Monday.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lab Day

Today reminded me of first semester.  We just learned a few new skills and chilled.  It was nice to not have to worry about cleaning someones teeth!  We got to poke each others fingers for blood glucose testing, learn how to clean dentures and how to use the diagnodent.  Now we get to pass off the PE's that go with each of those... I think I have a few people in mind of who I will do them on.  This semester is going a lot faster then I had anticipated; I cant believe we are half way done!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today I had my first class II patient.  His lower right quad had already been scaled by a senior for "mock boards" so I KNEW I had my work cut out for me.  I started out by exploring and and trying to feel where the sub-calculus was.  I then hand scaled (my first mistake-ALWAYS use the ultrasonic first for a class II and above) my first quad.  Long story short, after hand scaling for EVER (which caused my upper back to hurt like no other) my instructor came over and told me all the places I had missed...which were a TON!!!  I just couldn't seem to feel/find the calculus like she could.  Some of the calculus felt like tooth surface to me (second mistake- DONT ASSUME its tooth surface, always assume its calculus until your fingers hurt with no avail)  After her critique I start cleaning again (ultrasonic AND hand scaling) and what seems like forever late, she comes back and I STILL have missed places!!  By this time it is time to go and my pt does not want to come back to the clinic so I really needed to get him done.  My instructor then goes ahead and helps me out and finishes scaling & irrigating with the ultrasonic.  As she is irrigating a TON of BLACK calculus comes out.  HOW DID I MISS THIS???  Seriously....I felt sooo defeated as I stood there watching her finish my patient in 10 minutes, when it had taken me 2 hours to do a BAD job.  Although she ensured me I did a good job for my first class II and that he was a tough patient (which he was) I cried after my patient left.  Why cant I seem to get this??  I need to be more aggressive with my scaling and CONFIDENT.  Without confidence I'm no better then anyone else out there.  I learned a lot today and I am ready to face the challenge again when I get my next class II.  There is a reason hygienists get paid a lot of $$.  Our job is hard!  And on that note...I'll let you know how my Wednesday patient goes. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yay!  I finished my class 5 today and it wasnt TOO scary.  I got to use my graceys which was go really deep subgingivally and that is a little un-nerving, but the patient said it didnt hurt.  I actually completed him in 55 minutes, WOOHOO!  Anyway - I'm glad this week is OVER.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun day in clinic

Today I was able to see a patient that I didnt know at all AND it made for a MUCH easier appointment!  I wasn't as stressed out to work on him as I usually am for someone I actually know.  He had heavy plaque and very poor OH.  I wasn't going to disclose him because I could VISIBLY see the plaque on his teeth (did I mention it was heavy?) but I ended up disclosing and it was a VERY educational experience for me and the pt.  I was able to teach him how to brush and let him demo back to me the proper technique as well.  Although he had heavy plaque and some mod. calculus, he was only a 1B.  I was able to get him finished in one appt which was great!  I love the ultrasonic!  I feel like I'm learning something everyday and its starting to make more sense.  I really love being a hygienist.  I think I might say that in every post, but isnt that a good thing?  I would hate to be in a profession that didnt THRILL me!  And calculus makes me happy! lol

Friday, January 29, 2010

1B patients ...I know your secret!!

So I think I understand why you should be able to complete a 1B patient in 20-25 minutes...but I'm not sharing my secret on here!  If you really want to must come talk to me ;-)  But I am able to get them in and out of my chair in 1 appt!  Wednesday wasn't so bad.  I was able to clean my sisters teeth and I just have to share that I LOVE cleaning my families teeth! lol.  I get to know them SO much better.  I'm finally getting the probing thing down and Julie (an instructor) was SO good about helping me understand what end of the instrument to use where, and she was great about helping me remove sub calculus.  I actually learned something.  My confidence is slowing building...however, I'm not sure that when I have a class 2 or 3 in my chair I will feel even a TINY bit confident!  I will probably have a melt down and fall apart...but for now, I'm doing good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

First "real" patient

Today I saw my first patient that was NOT a friend or family!!!  It went really well and he was so patient and nice to me.  I didnt even get to start my cleaning so I had to schedule him to come back next week so I can finish.  Hes also my first class II!  Well...actually a class V but he counts as a class II.  I learned a lot about probing today and bone loss.  It was great to be able to probe ACTUAL pockets!  I got a 7 on one, WHOA!  Anyway, I'm glad today is over with.  Wednesday shouldnt be too bad. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loooooong Day!

Today was the longest day ever!  I had to CA this morning (which put me at the clinic by 7:30AM) and then I had 4 hours of my own clinic to do.  I was able to accomplish a ton but I am so worn out.  I passed off 3 clinic PEs and my CA PE, yay!  I also declared my patient (best friend Patty!) as an exam.  I was actually able to scale all 4 quads...but it was tough!  I am still feeling so inadequate.  Why cant I get better at understanding my instruments and seat positions?  This is so tough!  I feel so stupid.  I actually have my first REAL non-family/friend patient on Monday, YIKES!  I hope I don't totally screw up and look stupid.  I just want to get good at this already!!  It takes me sooo long to probe still and I'm not really sure I'm doing it correctly, especially on the back teeth.  Its just so frustrating and overwhelming sometimes.  I want to be great at this.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who was the lucky patient? MICHAEL

On Wednesday (1/13) I was able to clean my brother Michael s teeth.  I really wish I had declared him an exam for a 1B but I wasn't sure I would be able to finish him in 1 appt so I doubted myself (grrr)  BUT, I was able too, braces and everything!  He was a pretty good patient too; didn't complain once! Well I take that back, he complained about having to wear the cool glasses, but other then that, not once!  It was quite a learning experience to clean someones mouth with braces BUT it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  If his gums hadn't been so swollen it probably would have been even easier.  Can we say GINGIVITIS??  He got quite a lecture on how to brush his teeth, but I love him anyway.  I was able to pass off PE's on him though which was FABULOUS!  Including the dreaded air-powder-polish.  Again, he didn't even complain about the minty salt, pelting him in the mouth!  Well, here are some pictures (and a few black mail ones I might say...) hehe.  Whos next in line in my family?  DAD!  We'll see him in 2 next official victim is my best friend Patty.  See you next week!

The purple indicates where all the plaque is...need I say more? Love ya Michael ;-)

I had to bust out the ultrasonic to get those pearly whites...well...WHITE again :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its a Monday

Aside from getting a speeding ticket this morning before clinic...everything went pretty smooth today!  I was able to finish scaling Jeff's mouth and got done in 40 minutes!  ...of course that wasnt very hard since he was a 1B.  I'm still learning what calculus feels like; Kim said he didnt have any which made my job easier!  But I was thinking he dont know if I will ever know the difference between tooth surface and calculus!  I'm nervous for Wednesday because I'm seeing my brother with braces, YIKES!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Patient Day

Today I was able to see my first patient of the semester, who was my little 6 year sister Tasha.  She was SOOO good for me.  I was able to complete her whole cleaning; yay!  I realized with a child that instead of scaling so much that you need to focus more on proper brushing technique and helping them understand how to brush and why plaque is in their mouth and how it gets there.  Using the disclosing agent helped teach her a lot.  She was mortified that SO many "sugar bugs" were in her mouth!  It was fun showing her how to brush her teeth and see how brushing correctly really got off all of the disclosing agent.  Overall it was not too stressful and I am feeling good about today.  I hope Monday goes as smooth! Here are some pics of me cleaning Tashas teeth!


Monday, January 4, 2010

First day back!

Today we had our first day of clinic for SECOND semester! We dove right into perio stuff.  Learned about our graceys and the "orange" tip for the ultrasonic and also how to treatment plan patients.  I'm a little nervous to EVER clean a patient with true periodontal disease!!  Wednesday we start cleaning patients, and thats how clinic will be from here on out - SCARY!  But I'm very excited too.  When we were practicing on our typodonts with the graceys, I was surprised at how secure your fulcrum has to be, it hurts your fingers!  This, unfortunately, is normal I was told.  I cant wait for my fingers to develop some "muscle memory" so it isnt so bad. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I know I'm early...

but I wanted to write a quick blog before the semester starts!  I can NOT believe Christmas break is over and I am in my SECOND semester of hygiene school!!  Are you kidding me???  First semester FLEW by and I am hoping that this one does the same.  I am having just a TINY bit of anxiety over the new and upcoming clinic.  Am I going to be able to remember everything I learned last year?  I dont even know if I remember how to hold an instrument or sit in the correct chair position!!  I looked over fulcruming and such but I'm nervous AND I see my first patient Wednesday; VERY scary!  Good thing its my 6 year old sister, she wont judge me (well...unless I hurt her, which I dont plan on).  Hopefully she will just think its fun because I get to clean her teeth!  I'm really looking forward to sharpening my skills and learning more and feeling more confident...but I'm sooo very nervous at the same time that I'm going to make mistakes and feel stupid.  Oh goes nothing.