Friday, January 29, 2010

1B patients ...I know your secret!!

So I think I understand why you should be able to complete a 1B patient in 20-25 minutes...but I'm not sharing my secret on here!  If you really want to must come talk to me ;-)  But I am able to get them in and out of my chair in 1 appt!  Wednesday wasn't so bad.  I was able to clean my sisters teeth and I just have to share that I LOVE cleaning my families teeth! lol.  I get to know them SO much better.  I'm finally getting the probing thing down and Julie (an instructor) was SO good about helping me understand what end of the instrument to use where, and she was great about helping me remove sub calculus.  I actually learned something.  My confidence is slowing building...however, I'm not sure that when I have a class 2 or 3 in my chair I will feel even a TINY bit confident!  I will probably have a melt down and fall apart...but for now, I'm doing good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

First "real" patient

Today I saw my first patient that was NOT a friend or family!!!  It went really well and he was so patient and nice to me.  I didnt even get to start my cleaning so I had to schedule him to come back next week so I can finish.  Hes also my first class II!  Well...actually a class V but he counts as a class II.  I learned a lot about probing today and bone loss.  It was great to be able to probe ACTUAL pockets!  I got a 7 on one, WHOA!  Anyway, I'm glad today is over with.  Wednesday shouldnt be too bad. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loooooong Day!

Today was the longest day ever!  I had to CA this morning (which put me at the clinic by 7:30AM) and then I had 4 hours of my own clinic to do.  I was able to accomplish a ton but I am so worn out.  I passed off 3 clinic PEs and my CA PE, yay!  I also declared my patient (best friend Patty!) as an exam.  I was actually able to scale all 4 quads...but it was tough!  I am still feeling so inadequate.  Why cant I get better at understanding my instruments and seat positions?  This is so tough!  I feel so stupid.  I actually have my first REAL non-family/friend patient on Monday, YIKES!  I hope I don't totally screw up and look stupid.  I just want to get good at this already!!  It takes me sooo long to probe still and I'm not really sure I'm doing it correctly, especially on the back teeth.  Its just so frustrating and overwhelming sometimes.  I want to be great at this.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who was the lucky patient? MICHAEL

On Wednesday (1/13) I was able to clean my brother Michael s teeth.  I really wish I had declared him an exam for a 1B but I wasn't sure I would be able to finish him in 1 appt so I doubted myself (grrr)  BUT, I was able too, braces and everything!  He was a pretty good patient too; didn't complain once! Well I take that back, he complained about having to wear the cool glasses, but other then that, not once!  It was quite a learning experience to clean someones mouth with braces BUT it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  If his gums hadn't been so swollen it probably would have been even easier.  Can we say GINGIVITIS??  He got quite a lecture on how to brush his teeth, but I love him anyway.  I was able to pass off PE's on him though which was FABULOUS!  Including the dreaded air-powder-polish.  Again, he didn't even complain about the minty salt, pelting him in the mouth!  Well, here are some pictures (and a few black mail ones I might say...) hehe.  Whos next in line in my family?  DAD!  We'll see him in 2 next official victim is my best friend Patty.  See you next week!

The purple indicates where all the plaque is...need I say more? Love ya Michael ;-)

I had to bust out the ultrasonic to get those pearly whites...well...WHITE again :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its a Monday

Aside from getting a speeding ticket this morning before clinic...everything went pretty smooth today!  I was able to finish scaling Jeff's mouth and got done in 40 minutes!  ...of course that wasnt very hard since he was a 1B.  I'm still learning what calculus feels like; Kim said he didnt have any which made my job easier!  But I was thinking he dont know if I will ever know the difference between tooth surface and calculus!  I'm nervous for Wednesday because I'm seeing my brother with braces, YIKES!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Patient Day

Today I was able to see my first patient of the semester, who was my little 6 year sister Tasha.  She was SOOO good for me.  I was able to complete her whole cleaning; yay!  I realized with a child that instead of scaling so much that you need to focus more on proper brushing technique and helping them understand how to brush and why plaque is in their mouth and how it gets there.  Using the disclosing agent helped teach her a lot.  She was mortified that SO many "sugar bugs" were in her mouth!  It was fun showing her how to brush her teeth and see how brushing correctly really got off all of the disclosing agent.  Overall it was not too stressful and I am feeling good about today.  I hope Monday goes as smooth! Here are some pics of me cleaning Tashas teeth!


Monday, January 4, 2010

First day back!

Today we had our first day of clinic for SECOND semester! We dove right into perio stuff.  Learned about our graceys and the "orange" tip for the ultrasonic and also how to treatment plan patients.  I'm a little nervous to EVER clean a patient with true periodontal disease!!  Wednesday we start cleaning patients, and thats how clinic will be from here on out - SCARY!  But I'm very excited too.  When we were practicing on our typodonts with the graceys, I was surprised at how secure your fulcrum has to be, it hurts your fingers!  This, unfortunately, is normal I was told.  I cant wait for my fingers to develop some "muscle memory" so it isnt so bad. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I know I'm early...

but I wanted to write a quick blog before the semester starts!  I can NOT believe Christmas break is over and I am in my SECOND semester of hygiene school!!  Are you kidding me???  First semester FLEW by and I am hoping that this one does the same.  I am having just a TINY bit of anxiety over the new and upcoming clinic.  Am I going to be able to remember everything I learned last year?  I dont even know if I remember how to hold an instrument or sit in the correct chair position!!  I looked over fulcruming and such but I'm nervous AND I see my first patient Wednesday; VERY scary!  Good thing its my 6 year old sister, she wont judge me (well...unless I hurt her, which I dont plan on).  Hopefully she will just think its fun because I get to clean her teeth!  I'm really looking forward to sharpening my skills and learning more and feeling more confident...but I'm sooo very nervous at the same time that I'm going to make mistakes and feel stupid.  Oh goes nothing.