Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are you class III??

This past week was frustrating.  I THOUGHT I would get to see my class III (my pt with ANUG) BUT she no showed me and I ended up with a 1B that day.  Its really getting down to crunch time and I dont have time to do anything but my class III.  She did reschedule for this Wednesday, IF she comes!  I don't know if I can rely on her now.  I have met all of my requirements for clinic and I'm almost done with my PE's.  The new hygiene student orientation is on the 5th.  That should be exciting! :)  I cant believe this year is almost over.  Only 6 days left in clinic - SCARY!!  I'm feeling pretty good about my skills in clinic.  I haven't experience very hard cases...but with 1B's I'm feeling great! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Personal Note...

Today I went in for my 6 month cleaning at my doctors office.  Apparently they have 3 hygienist working there and I had never seen the one that cleaned my teeth today (I LOVE the other one).  Well...NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT EVER let her clean my teeth AGAIN!!  She hurt me SO bad and caused tissue trauma!  I kept wanting to say, "ADAPT! ADAPT!!!"  I was really disappointed that this woman is a Weber State graduate and apparently learned NOTHING!  She REALLY needs to go back to school.  First of all, I'm a 1B patient, she did NOT need to use a working stroke on EVERY SINGLE tooth!  Also, she was VERY aggressive which also did NOT need to happen, due to me being a 1B.  My knuckles were probably white from clutching on to the arm rests.  My mouth was pouring blood during the cleaning which does NOT happen to me - I brush and floss people.  And I can now feel a piece of gingiva just hanging there, that has been RIPPED, on my lower anteriors. And when she probed my mouth, I kept thinking, "MARSHMALLOW! MARSHMALLOW!!" Lets just say, the only positive thing I have about her is that she did do an oral cancer screening.   Anyway...just wanted to share my traumatic cleaning experience.  No wonder people are afraid of the dentist and HATE getting their teeth cleaned.  If I had her to look "forward" to every 6 months, I would be on valium too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yep thats right.  My patient today presented with ANUG which is Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds.  When I went to do the intra-oral exam I KNEW somethin was up right away, due to her fire engine red gums with a tinge of gray.  They were also VERY inflamed, swollen, edemetous, blunted, fluctuated, diffuse. (pretty much EVERY descriptive word on our blue sheet that we use)  Not to mention she was in a LOT of pain.  I probably shouldn't have probed her because of the amount of pain she was in (but I didnt know it was NUG at the time) and I just thought she was being overly sensitive because she was nervous to be there in the first place - she hadn't been to the dentist in over 10 years.  I start probing and literally, the gums around her back molars felt like mush.  I was getting a lot of depths between 4-7mm.  She was in so much pain though that I couldnt get true readings on some of the deeper pockets.  She also had more calculus in her mouth then I have EVER seen on someone.  I'm talkin grayish/black calculus.  So once I had finished my OD and took a FMX on her my instructor came over and said "hmm...I think you have ANUG".  We consulted with Dr. Bingham and sure enough, she did!  I did not scale today but instead we put her on amox. & chlorohexadine mouthrinse.  Shes coming back in 2 weeks for me to start scaling.  So I wish I could say she was a true class III but she was only a II!!!  However, Prof. Costely agreed that I could count her lower quads as a III and that if her calculus on top is very tenacious, that I can count her as a full class III patient - SO, HERES TO HOPIN FOR TENACIOUS CALCULUS!!  I really am not sure where to even begin when she comes back besides anesthetic and the orange ultra sonic tip...and I suppose I will have my graceys on hand as well!  This is going to be a REAL learning experience for me.  I need patients like this though because I dont want to be surprised by anything when I'm working in private practice.  OH, I also got to use "oraqlix" on her, which is this super cool click instrument that deposits lidocaine into the pockets without giving a shot.  Anyway, ITS SPRING BREAK!!!  See ya in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Class II Exam!!

So this past week has been great.  I was able to clean my step-moms teeth and she said I was the best hygienist she's ever had! :-)  And I know she meant it because she has extremely sensitive teeth and I didn't hurt her once! (ok maybe ONCE but it was on accident).  Other then that, it was great. What a compliment! :-)  Today I saw my dad and he qualified for my class II exam, YAY!!  That means I just have to find my class III patient and I am all set for the year!!  I am PRAYING that my patient on Wednesday meets this qualification so I can focus the rest of my time on getting her scaled and then I can relax.  As long as I pass all my tests in other classes I will have survived my 1st year of dental hygiene! :-D  I really love cleaning teeth and I'm feeling much more confident with every patient I see.  I'm sure I will be intimidated once I get my class III but I'm not too worried about it - it will come next semester when that is all I really see. The second years are getting ready to take their boards, I cant believe that I will be in their shoes this time next year; exciting!  To meet my clinic requirements I just need to: scale 4 quads of a class III, perform 1 sealant, see one more patient of any classification and complete my PE's (only 5 left).  Not too shabby.  I'll let you know how Wednesday goes!

Monday, March 1, 2010

11 more clinic days

Today I finished up my class II.  I didnt miss any spots either!  I'm really REALLY wanting to see a class III though.  I only have 11 more days of clinic to find my class III, do 3 sealants, finish up my PEs and FIND A DENTURE PATIENT!!  I'm getting a little stressed but spring break is in 2 weeks and I can NOT wait.