Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cancellations and Injections

Ok the "not showing up" for appointments, is getting REALLY stressful!  I have only had ONE clinic day that went smooth.  The other 3 have had no shows and it causes me to go into slight PANIC MODE!  Everytime I schedule a class III they mysteriously dont show someone taking them and claiming them as their own!?  jk.  But seriously, I really REALLY need a class III already.  I'm starting to get a little nervous about not having one.

On Friday we did our first injections!!  I will admit that I was SOOOO scared/nervous!  But it ended up to be so awesome!  Jenny did amazing and I really didnt even feel the injections.  It was totally not what I thought it would be.  And giving the injections was fun (although I was really scared to do the nasal I didnt "bury my bevel" deep enough which caused Dr. Hanson to shove it into Jennys gum for me....SORRY JENNY!)  Other than that, great day! and a great week too.  Soooo glad we have 2 more injection sessions and we are set free to do it on patients!  Hooray!

Do you really think I wouldnt document this incredibly scary time with pictures?! Think again!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mockboard Baby!

So I FINALLY saw my first official class II patient today AND she qualified for my mockboard patient! WOOT WOOT!!  So although my class V patients have been SOOO much fun (yes I have see a total of 8 class V patients and have officially completed my requirements for II/V 36 quads for the semester blah blah) I was needing a challenge.  Well my class II pt did present me with this (See image below**).  And why did I ever doubt my ultrasonic?  I must publicly announce that I will never think that the ultrasonic cant handle whatever is thrown at it again because although my patient came in looking like this

She left looking like this

Thats right**

SO although I have not seen my class III patients yet, I am in high hopes that they are on their way and that I can, perhaps, learn more important skills, besides learning how to "deplaque" a class V patient.

**Not actual patient photos ;-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Class V...Class V...Class V....Class V...Class V

You might be wondering why my title has 5 Class V...well thats because thats the only classification I have seen this semester.  Five patients that are a Class V.  I'm getting a LITTLE bored.  I need more of a challange.  I want my class III and IV patients!  I did get to use my mini graceys though (I liked that) and I attempted to place Arestin on the distal of #15.  That was a challenge!  Prof. Wold ended up doing it for me because it was really difficult to find the pocket.  Overall today was pretty good...I just need more calculus!! :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2nd week of clinic DONE!

This week was so exhausting.  I had my first full day of patients.  The first woman was a class V and my second no showed me (crappy) so I had to use my emergency patient (my father in law) and he was also a class V.  I was able to complete them both in 30 minutes...but this didnt make me feel very good when everyone else around me was working on their class III and finding their mock board patient!  So it made me a little discouraged.  I also experienced my first VA day today.  Lets just say...SO glad thats over.  I got to see a class II (easy one at that) and then waited an hour to have the doctor come do an exam.  Needless to say my group didnt get to leave until way after closing because of how long my patient took (sorry group...).  Anyway, I'M TIRED! and just DONE!  I so wish classes were done for the rest of the week but unfortunately we have dental meds on Friday (the fun continues...) and I know I sound so sarcastic/pessimistic/down right now but thats what happens when you're a dental hygiene student, you're husband is living in AZ for med school and you are a mom to a 2 year old who has more energy than you at any given moment - it just wears you down, and this is only the beginning!!  I need a break.  I'm SO glad tomorrow is my day off.  I love this program and I'm so grateful to be a part of it (truly) but sometimes I just feel defeated.  Today is one of those days.