Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tick tock

This is me counting down the time to the end of this semester!!  I have already completed all of my requirements (YAY!) so now I'm just going to clinic to enjoy whoever shows up (or doesn't...I don't care either way ;-)  I have 2 clinic days left and 1 VA day left.  I haven't added up my total quads completed but I'm way over and I've also completed around 30 something injections.  You would think with all of those injections that I would have my landmarks down pat and I wouldn't shake as I'm recapping the needle but I DO!  Its ok, practice makes perfect.  Although I want this semester over with...I kind of don't.  I know what that means for me.  It means that I need to start busting out the national board review exam books and cramming every bit of information that will fit into my brain.  It also means I get to fork over $1,000's of dollars and complete 5, that's right, F-I-V-E boards before March is over.  This is a little over 4 months away.  Needless to say I'm feeling severe anxiety and a little nauseous about the whole thing.  I'm so scared I wont pass my exams...and I'm talkin ANY of them.  I might set a WSU record by failing every exam there is to fail.  HOWS THAT FOR OPTIMISM!?! haha.  On the bright side...I DO feel that my clinical skills have great improved in the last month.  I feel pretty confident that I could clean (almost) any mouth presented to me.  How well I would do...not sure...but I know my instruments, where they go, how to adapt them, chair positions and how to apply lateral pressure.