Monday, January 31, 2011

2nd Mockboard - FAILURE

I'm not even sure how much I'll be able to write about this experience because it depresses me every time.  However, yes I did fail my 2nd mockboard.  Isn't that a boost to the ego when the REAL boards are 7 weeks away??  First of all...I was so off on my probing that it makes me want to throw up thinking about it (-5 points right there).  I have NEVER been off on my probing before (in fact I used to be kind of proud of my "probing skills") but now I am questioning everything I am doing and I must suck at it.  Second: TISSUE TRAUAMA.  Again I have never even caused tissue trauma, but this patient was SO FREAKIN HARD!  I might as well have just left the calculus below her gumline because it didnt do me any good to go digging for it.  And can I talk about how much blood and saliva this patient produced?  I would just look at her and her gums would pour blood and her mouth would fill up with spit.  I had to have the suction in her mouth the entire time because I couldn't see what I was doing. Also, she had wisdom teeth.  Note to self: Do NOT allow your real board patient to have WISDOM teeth.  It was so hard to access 17-D.  Sending my patient back I knew I had missed 3 spots of calculus because I could feel them (yay for at least being able to feel them) but I didnt know how to get them off.  I tried my very best to get them off to no avail.  Prof. Alexander then helped me get them off and told me to use the WRONG END OF THE GRACEY to do so - worked like a charm.  Ok, so since when are we supposed to be using the wrong side of the instrument to be doing anything??  I have officially thrown EVERY THING I LEARNED IN FIRST YEAR out the window because I'm pretty sure it was the biggest waste of my time.  Ok and last but NOT least..........the very embarassing SUPRA CALCULUS ON THE LOWER ANTERIORS!!  How could I have missed this?? How?  SUPRA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  I was so focused on trying to get the tenacious calculus off of her back teeth that I didnt give a crap about the front.  Well apparently WREB will penalize you for ANY supra calculus even if it is not highlited!?!  Now I am still in debate about this because Prof Perry said this was not true and Alexander says it is true.  So I personally emailed WREB myself but have not heard back yet.  It doesn't say in the manual that this is the case.  So if I am not penalized for SUPRA calculus then I will not to be embarrassed of my score but for now I have my head in the sand and am questioning if I have learned anything in the past year. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lateral Pressure!

Today was a learning experience for me!  I had a class II with very tenacious calculus.  I, however, did not even know this until I learned how to use my explorer correctly!!  For the first time, ever, I was taught how to use it opposite of how I have always been using it - posteriors: Do not let it hug the tooth!  Also, the nevi shouldnt be hugging the teeth either!  Just make sure your very adapted and your fine.  So lesson for today: Use instruments the opposite way you were taught...AND for the tenacious calculus part.  I was working, working, working, to no avail.  Finally Prof Wold "helped" me feel how much pressure to use to pop it off.  I have NEVER used so much lateral pressure in my entire life.  So now I know what it takes.  Good thing our instruments are made of stainless steel.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Final Semester

I am 2 weeks into my final semester and let me tell you how I thought this semester would never come!  But here it is...and I survived it.  Its incredible what can happen in 1 1/2 years.  It doesn't even feel like that much time has passed since I began!  So far things are moving right a long and I'm content with my clinic days.  I find myself a little calmer than I used to be when it comes to finding patients.  2nd semester - NERVOUS WRECK! 3rd semester - started out nervous wreck and moved to "eh" 4th semester - we need patients?  ok just kidding!  I'm more proactive then that...but I think I handle it better now and don't feel as if my schedule needs to be packed 6 weeks in advance....but speaking of 6 weeks in advance, do you realize that I will be taking my National Written Board exam and my "Patient Care" exam in 6 weeks?  Thats right.  Lets get this show on the road so I can get OUT-OF-HERE!! Graduation never looked so good.