Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I'm sitting here with the realization that all of my boards are about to start and be over with in a blink of an eye and I'm not feeling prepared.  Yes I have studied...but I just dont feel ready.  They ask so much of us and I'm just not sure I can do it!  Tomorrow I take the Process of Care Exam (I've heard this exam is a JOKE and no way to study for it) so I'm getting really anxious about that.  Friday is my big 8 hour exam...and I'm sitting here having panic attacks about what to expect on it.  I dont know if I've studied enough.  What if I just plain dont know any answers??  What if I BOMB this test and have to retake it?  Lets not even get started with local anesthesia...I'm scared shi*less about that one.  If I fail the written I'm done for!  My board patient needs to be numb and if I cant do it I have to have someone come up to do it for me!  I dont know anyone!  Failing is NOT an option.  I have to do incredible.  There is no way around it.  It has always been my goal to pass all 5 of these exams the first time around and now I'm questioning everything.  Not to mention I have messed up my back SO bad (thinking it was from last mockboard) that I can hardly sleep at night and it hurts to breathe in.  I'm going to get a massage today but I'm afraid its going to make it feel worse because everytime someone has rubbed it for me its even more excruciating after.  I feel like I should have a huge black/blue bruise.  Ahhhhh so stressed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3rd Mockboard - PASS!!

YAY!! I FINALLY PASSED A MOCKBOARD!  I'm so glad it was my last one and sent me away feeling a TAD bit more confident for the real board in 4 weeks!  I only missed 1 spot on the entire exam!  I'm so happy.  I dont feel bad about the spot I missed either because it was 18-D which was sandwiched between 17-M which was tipped completely on top of it.  I only had a tiny little window to work with to remove the calculus and I think I wasnt applying enough lateral pressure.  Even Prof. Wold had a hard time removing it.  Anyway, 94%!!  This is just what I needed right now.  I know every day and every patient is different so I will not let this get to my head - I'm just so grateful I passed.  I hope I can pull the same kind of results on my real board and I will be one happy woman!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Falling Behind

Where are all the class III's and IV's??  Certainly not in my chair!  I have seen 2 quads of a III this semester...good thing I was able to do so many last semester.  I only need 6 left but it is starting to stress me out.  I've also only had 1 quad of a IV and I need 7 more!!  I haven't done many injections this semester either, and boards are coming up really fast so I'm getting scared about that.  AHHHH I just want this last year done already.  10 more weeks...I dont know if I can make it WITH all of my requirements done and boards passed.  I'm beginning to think its not even possible.  I didnt have an afternoon patient this afternoon and all that is on the recall list are 1B's....can someone tell me where your finding your patients??  I need help!  I'm willing to take left over's ;-)  Anyway...our final mockboard next week.  I'm praying for a passing grade for once.  I just need a LITTLE boost in my confidence.