Friday, March 18, 2011

Exam week is O-V-E-R

So the week that I have been planning for, dreading, dreaming of, preparing for, wishing for, hating...has already come and passed.  It doesn't seem possible.  It truly was one of the MOST stressful weeks of my entire life.  I have never felt so much anxiety, pressure, nervousness, elation and happiness all wrapped up into a few days.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Wednesday was anesthesia written & clinical.  I was physically sick that morning to take the test.  I was so nervous over 50 questions!!  I read and read Malamed like a mad woman for 2 weeks straight...and it paid off because I passed!!!  As I was taking the test I went through and marked a few questions I wanted to review before I answered & turned in my test.  I had figured before the test started that I could miss a maximum of 12...and guess how many I circled?  12!!  I did not plan that it just happened.  I felt pretty confident about my other answers so to me this was pretty much a blessing.  I answered them the best I could and clearly I did alright!!  Waiting the 10 minutes for our envelopes was really hard.  But then they placed them out on the table and we all nervously walked to our "numbered" envelopes and this is what I saw....

WHAT A RELIEF!!   However I did almost have a heart attack because I saw the second box was checked and I had expected the first box to be checked if I had passed.  So my heart stopped beating for about 2 seconds until I saw it said "congratulations".  I was BEYOND happy!! 

Then the realization set in that I had to do the clinical portion of this test.  I had focused SO much on the written part that I had not freaked out over the clinical yet.  I remained pretty calm though and prepared my unit, got my patient back and. BAM!  Failure.  Before I was even able to do the injections my patient was dismissed because she was missing her upper right 2nd molar.  I had not read the candidate guide close enough to realize that this was an automatic failure.  Now you are given 2 chances for anesthesia on the same day, but I had fully prepared to use my second chance as my LAST resort and as a fall back in case my nerves got the best of me.  I was not prepared to hear that this was a FAILURE and that I had to pay $120 to get another patient back in the chair AND that I better do it right the very first time or I was done for.  As it turns out my peer pal Jodie was hanging out at the clinic in case someone needed her and lucky me, I did!  I feel it was such a blessing that she was there.  She was my mock board for anesthesia so I felt pretty comfortable with her.  I got her back, pulled myself together and did what I had to do to pass.  I was really nervous because I knew I only got one shot but I was also kind of mad which I think worked to my advantage to help focus me.  I wasnt shaky at all and I felt determined to do it right the first time.  I did the left IA and left PSA and within 3 minutes the exam was over.  I cleaned up my unit and right as I was walking out my envelope was waiting for me in the basket.  I opened it to see this...

Yes, I cried out of relief.  I was so happy to see a success memo.  I felt so glad to be done with the whole anesthetic testing and I couldnt believe that it was all over within a few hours that day.  I had been dreading that day for SOOOO long and stressing and STRESSING about it.  I'm surprised I don't have an ulcer.  I got all my stuff and went downstairs for Hygiene orientation for the next day.  I have to say I slept pretty well that night.

The next day, lucky St Patrick's day,was my hygiene clinical exam.  This exam I felt nervous for but I have been preparing for this one the longest (since day 1 of the program) so I felt a little bit better about this exam.  I was just scared that my patient wouldn't show up and I would be out of $1021.00.  I was allowed into the clinic at 12 to set up and get my patient back.  I had an hour to turn him over to the examiners for them to "accept" him and say he was indeed a board quality patient.  You never see the examiners to help keep things unbiased.  Of patient was 30 minutes late!  I almost had a freakin heart attack.  Especially since my back up patient had canceled on me that morning!!  She didnt even know she was my "back up" patient and she canceled on could she?  I told her how important this exam was.  What a blessing I found the patient I did and used him instead.  So I got him back, did my stuff, made an executive decision about which quad to submit & any extra teeth.  He was pretty sensitive so I numbed him up - without supervision ;-) !  That was cool.  And then I sent him off to the examiners.  I waited 45 minutes for him to come back to me.  That is a stressful 45 minutes.  Luckily my first submission passed (which means I did not get docked any points, yay!) and I had 2 hours to clean his quadrant.  I used the entire 2 hours.  I declared 3 extra teeth so I had to do a few teeth on the bottom.  I could NOT get the distal (back) of his lower right molar clean.  I was trying everything and I knew calculus was still there.  I was starting to freak out because I had no time left.  I finally just got my ultrasonic out, turned it all the way up, and prayed it would come off.  Within a few seconds a HUGE chunk of calculus came out and I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer but I finished him up super fast and sent him back to the examiners for his final evaluation.  They kept him for about 30 minutes.  I cleaned up my unit, gathered my things and waited for them to release him.  I tried to pay him for coming but he would accept my money (good guy) and that was IT.  I was officially done with every exam.  I wont know the results for another 2-4 weeks...but it is what it is.  I pray I passed.  Time will tell.  This is one exam I do NOT want to have to repeat.  I'll let you know how it goes.  For now though...I am enjoying not studying and having time to do whatever I want to do.  It has been MONTHS since I have watched TV and not felt guilty for it.  :-)  5 weeks until I graduate.  I think I can do this.

Monday, March 14, 2011

National Dental Hygiene Exam

PASS! 1 graded, 1 pending, and 3 to go!  Here goes nothin...

Monday, March 7, 2011

LA Mockboard...pass?

Ok so we had our LA mock-board and I actually did ok, except on that dang PSA!  What was I thinking??  The IA went pretty smooth but the right PSA was ridiculous.  I couldn't figure out why I kept hitting bone from the get-go until Perry told me.  Anyway, couldn't do the right PSA after 3 attempts so they had me do my left and I passed that one just fine.  So technically I would have failed on the real board, because the examiners probably wouldn't have told me to do the left side, BUT had I just done the left to begin with I would have passed both.  So now I'm debating which side to do...if I get so lucky to be able to DO my clinical!  Anyway, I got the PSA wrong because I was OVER THE 1ST MOLAR!! Who does that?  I couldnt even figure it out I was in such a tunnel vision.  Anyway....I have 9 days until the real deal.  I hope lady luck is on my side.