Monday, May 16, 2011

Arizona Jurisprudence Exam

Well this is my first post as a LICENSED dental hygienist and I thought it might be fun to blog about what its like in the private practice, working world, side of things.  You read all about my school experience so now you get to hear what its like getting licensed, finding a job, handling a job, etc.

Last week I received my license from Utah - YAY I'm an RDH!  and today I took Arizona's jurisprudence test which was much harder then I thought it would be.  Granted I only studied a whole hour for this test... and looking back I probably should have studied a LITTLE bit more, BUT needless to say I passed!  I just want to brag and say that is 6 for 6.  I didn't think I'd pass ANY of my exams the first time and here it is a few months down the road and I've passed ALL of them the first time!  What a miracle!!  So here is the low down about this exam:
  • Dentists and hygienist take the same exam.  Do not just study the dental hygiene aspect!  Study ALL of it!  
  • Know about how to get licensed and all the punishments that could follow you for it.
  • If you do happen to fail you get to retake it THAT day and I think they might tell you what you missed?  Not sure since luckily I didn't fail, and I don't think anyone who took it today failed either.  They grade it right when you submit it.
  • Last: Study more then 1 hour for this exam but don't stress too much over it - I passed didn't I?  haha
AND here are some tips for applying for Arizona licensure.  Do NOT apply right before June 30th!  Because if you do and you get your license you get to renew RIGHT away and pay the $325.  If you wait until July to get your license you get to have your license for the full year before you have to renew.  Anyway...if that sounds complicated just call them and they'll explain it to you.  I am getting the shaft and I get to renew in 5 weeks because I didn't realize this stupid set up in their system.  At least I will then have my license here for 3 years before having to pay again and this also puts me on the same schedule with Utah for renewing my license...though not sure if thats a good thing...that just means I get to pay TWO fees instead of one.  Whatever.  Now I just have to wait 7-10 days and I'll be able to work here.  YAY!  I'm ready to make some money and start paying off my student loans! (hooray)