Thursday, December 15, 2011

I got a job!!

After searching and searching and interviewing and doing working interviews, I finally got an awesome job.  Part time, 2 days a week from 1-6pm. WOO-HOO!  Lets just say I hate the hiring process and that I also hate not having experience.  Most employers were not wanting to deal with someone fresh outta school but I finally found a doctor who was willing to "take me in".  And guess what?  Its because I have a BS degree in hygiene FROM a university.  He did not want some proprietary school that just opened who shoots out 80+ hygienist a year.  So my extra classes and going full time during the summer paid off.  I'm so glad I decided to get my bachelor degree.  I was in school for 4 years anyhow, I better have something to show for it!

To those of you currently seeking a hygiene job - dont settle.  I interviewed for a few offices and finally found the one I'm at now.  The office I work for now - Dr.B- I interviewed for in October.  The interview went great, I delivered a follow up thank you letter and didn't hear back from them.  I was so bummed.  I then went ahead and applied for more openings and ended up interviewing with a dental group that had me do a working interview for an entire day and did not offer to pay me - RED FLAG.  They then told me they needed me to do a SECOND working interview without pay the following week and that then they would hire me. It sounded to me like they were looking for free work so I declined my "second" working interview.  Especially since the office was a joke and way behind with the way they ran things.  I saw a patient who was CLEARLY perio and I told the doctor she had 7+mm pockets and he was surprised and told me that he didn't know how his other hygienist would miss that. was very evident in the xrays past & present that this woman had perio and it had been missed.  The lady told me she had never heard of that disease which was shocking - she had moderate bone loss that was CLEAR as day on her xrays.  She also was a long time heavy smoker which is a red flag.  Needless to say I didn't want to work for an office who was very lazy about patient care and who also laughed and talked about patients in the back room while they were still sitting in the chair!!  So unprofessional.  So although I really wanted a job and the experience (because they were willing to hire a new graduate) I declined.  I was so bothered that Dr. B's office hadn't called me back that I called them almost 2 weeks after our interview and asked if I was still being considered or if they had filled the position.  That is when I learned that the doctor had become very ill and had been out for the past week and a half.  So although that sucked for the doctor I was so happy to know I hadnt been looked over and I was SO grateful that I had decided to call.  I feel it was my persistence that let them know I REALLY wanted to work for them.  A week later the office manager called me in for a second interview and I was offered the job that day!!  With...I might add...FANTASTIC pay.  Arizona pays hygienist VERY well.  Something Utah definitely does not offer.  I'm making $10 more an hour here than I would ever have made in Utah. 

I have to say the first day I was off to a rough start.  It is a transition from school to private practice.  Not to mention Dr.B's office is really up to date, completely paperless and utilizes every ounce of technology possible.  This is SO good for me because I feel like its only going to make me a better hygienist.  The full time hygienist there has been with him for 9 years and is amazing.  I feel more comfortable working with someone so experienced because I can go to her with any questions.  Since starting almost a month ago I have learned to pick up my pace and probe correctly (lol).  Bad habits die hard apparently.  I'm so grateful that Dr. B has been patient with me and pointed out areas where I need to improve.  I'd rather him tell me and teach me things then get mad and talk behind my back.  There is no way for me to get better without constructive criticism.  Anyway that's where I stand now.  Its so rewarding to have a good job after all of the hard work I put in.  I am so blessed to have been able to follow my dream of becoming a hygienist.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to even be accepted into a dental hygiene program, let alone one of the best programs in the nation (WEBER STATE WOOT WOOT!)  I'm SO excited to be working in this office and to be learning something new every time I'm at work.  The learning phase should never stop or you become bored and complacent.