Thursday, August 22, 2013


Who knew that when I started with this little blog a few years ago that an editor would find it and ask me to write a little article for an RDH Newsletter?  I, of course, took her up on her offer and wrote a tiny article about the benefits of temping - since this is a part of my life right now.  Go check it out and feel free to share with others!

The Benefits of Temping as an RDH

Thanks for all those who stop by and even take the time to read one of my blog posts! I appreciate the support.  You're awesome!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's been a long time...

As you can tell, I haven't written since 2011! Its 2013 people!!  I've been a hygienist for 2 years now and it's weird to think that I'm not necessarily a "new graduate" anymore and I actually have "experience" to where I can apply for almost any job now! (Have you ever noticed how most jobs say they require 2 years of experience? Thats me!)

Wow, how things have changed from school to private practice!! I am no longer working at the job I posted about last, although that lasted a good while, I have recently moved back to good ole Utah while my husband is feverishly interviewing for medical residency programs to begin HIS career.  Even though Arizona was very good to us, I didn't want to be alone for several months while he's traveling around the country, so I'm back home to be with family - but enough about personal stuff right?  You want to hear about dental hygiene correct?? haha, I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat!

While I was in Arizona I also worked for a temp agency so I was able to travel around to several different offices when I had the spare days to do so.  Working 2 days a work and being a mommy doesn't offer many of those but I have to say I really loved temping.  I loved the "non-committal" part of it and being in control of what worked for me.  I also loved the extra cash it brought a long with it! (lets be honest!) Being able to work in different offices allowed me to learn a lot about myself and my technique and how I measured up in different situations.  Sometimes you get complacent where you work and you don't know exactly what you're bringing to the table.  Well as a temp I got to find out that day what I was bringing!  Did I know the software, was I good enough to use any instrument handed to me, could I relate to patients that didn't know me and make them feel comfortable? Was I a valuable asset?  Some offices were more organized then others and that made my life easier...others I realized how blessed I was that I didn't work there on a daily basis!  Some tips I learned were to bring your own instruments!  This saved me - I love my Nevi so much!  I understand this instrument and know how to properly use it on almost any patient (given most circumstances).  Especially since so many of the instruments I was given were as dull as a butter knife and were rendered useless because of it. (Don't get me started on hygienist KNOW how to sharpen?  Its really surprising how many of you AREN'T taking the time to do I said, don't get me started...this could be a different post topic...) Having my own there made my day so much easier! I also learned how to write a good note besides the one that's automatically in the computer for you.  You know the one! "Xrays, probed, scaled, polished, 6 month recall - initials" Umm..I'm sorry, is this note supposed to hold up in court should you ever be taken there?  Learn how to write a good note from the template in your head!! I want to know if these patients come in regularly, are you constantly going over OHI, are you removing more plaque from their mouth then cheese on a cracker? What are their probe measurements? (...Don't get me started on this either...why are so many hygienist not probing even YEARLY?!) Are they heavy bleeders? Did you see improvement from last time? And not just the technical things but the personal things about their hobbies and family.  It makes the patient feel so important when you can make a comment about something they told you last time that relates to just them!  Be present with the patient and be relateable!  I wanted the regular hygienist to be able to come back and see exactly what I did last time on their patient.  Overall I wanted to come across as professional and show the staff and patients that I had my stuff together!  I was requested back by several doctors because of this attitude (woot woot!) I really loved temping which is why I am doing it again now that I'm back in Utah for a short time.  I will only be here until next summer and with having another baby on the way I need flexibility in my schedule and temping is where its at!  There are so many perks to being a hygienist, temping is one of them!