Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oh Ohio...

Well hello again readers!!  It's been awhile...7 months almost?  My apologies!  I was trying to warn you in previous posts that life was about to get hectic and IT DID!  We made the BIG move across country from Utah to Ohio back in June and life just NOW is settling down for us.  WOW!  My husband started his medical residency and people aren't lying when they say residents work 80+ hours a week...that leaves me home to take care of our littles and squeeze in working as a hygienist twice a week. 

After being here for about a month I decided it was time to start getting all my info together for my Ohio licensure..well ladies & gents...I will be the first to tell you that becoming a licensed hygienist here in the state of Ohio is RI-DI-CU-LOUS!!  I mean not only do you have to get an expensive background check (fingerprints and all) a physical & drug screening, take their jurisprudence exam and send EVERY SHRED of proof that you actually graduated AND passed every board known to man - it is EXPENSIVE!!  Once I started applying and was in it about $150 I was tempted to give up!  But I had already invested so much time and money that I knew I had to see it through.  It took me two months to get licensed!  The poor women at the dental hygiene department knew me by name because I had to call so often to make sure they had received certain documents and to check on the status of my application!  I was exhausting.  But after the very long and painful wait I secured a job rather quickly and was THRILLED! 

I'm currently working part time at a cute family office (and I mean family...his cute little kiddos run around the office during work and I love it.  Although I was dreading going back to work because I felt like I was already so busy here at home how could I POSSIBLY add more to my week by working...working is just what I needed.  I get to get out, be a professional and have adult conversations about something that matters to me - and when I come home I'm renewed for my kiddos and love to see their smiling faces and hear about how they missed me all day! ;-)

The doc I work for is so great - he reminds me a little of Jimmy Kimmel and WHO wouldn't want to work for Jimmy Kimmel!?  His sense of humor is always on and he knows how to make his patients feel so welcome and appreciated - that goes for his staff too.  Sure there are stressful days but who doesn't have these once in awhile? 

Our office focuses heavily on periodontal disease and this is a change from other offices I have been with.  He is quite aggressive with diagnosing periodontal and I do think this is GREAT!  However...sometimes we might but-heads a little.  He believes a 4mm with bleeding deserves a SC/RP...and I'm just not there with him on this.  I need to see a 5mm + to be convinced of SC/RP.  Can I say this though?  People...if your mouth is BLEEDING all the time - THIS   IS   NOT    NORMAL!  If your hand was bleeding spontaneously regularly would you be concerned?  OF COURSE YOU WOULD!  Please treat your mouth with the same dignity and respect.  Bleeding = active disease - END OF DISCUSSION.  No your mouth is not just bleeding because I "poked you" or because I have a "sharp" instrument in there - it is bleeding because you have an infection that needs to be dealt with.  I promise this is the truth.  We hygienist's just want to help!  Let us! 

One last thing - thank you again to all who read my blog and make comments and ask questions - I love it SO much!  I promise to be better at responding in a more timely manner now that my life is not so crazy.  Have a wonderful week guys!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thank you!

Ever since the birth of baby number 3 in October, my life has been SO SO busy!  However, I wanted to just write a little post thanking all of you who have made comments and for your kind words!  I never expected to keep up with this dental hygiene blog after school but I'm so glad I have kept it available to any of you who are thinking about or going through dental hygiene school.  To all of you who are hoping to be or are currently in a program, keep up your good work and keep truckin!  It's a lot of work and can be stressful but you will look back at this time in your life and be so grateful for this opportunity and so thankful you chose this field! Thank you all again for encouraging words and support!