Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flying by!

Wow, is it me or has this year just FLOWN by!? I had so many plans to keep up with this blog but got in the way. I'm pregnant with baby #4 and haven't felt so great for half of the year. I'm due after Christmas and then a whole new whirl wind will begin!

I did want to hit a few topics in this post and reconnect with my readers out there. A lot of you send me messages asking about how to get into hygiene school, advice on what instruments to use, and advice on how to get a job. I've written a few posts specifically for these topics so scroll back a ways and you can find what you're looking for. My biggest word of advice is be CONFIDENT! Don't confuse this with arrogance...there's often a fine line and you need to find it so you don't cross it. If you're worried about getting a job as a new hygienist, practice interviewing with someone or in front of a camera and see how you come across when answering questions. I want to reiterate that just because you're a newbie doesn't mean you're not just as valuable as a seasoned hygienist. Yes, they have more experience BUT you will get there too. Be kind to yourself and recognize where you need to improve. Do not go into a new office with the "Queen Bee" attitude. Assistants wont like you and therefore wont help you...this will hinder you as a new hygienist because assistants can be invaluable to you throughout your career. They usually know the office far better then you ever will and they might know the doc better then you ever will. So having them on YOUR side is in your favor.

Secondly...about a year ago I won a sharpen free instrument from American Eagle. (What I'm about to say is in NO way endorsed by this product...just my honest review). If you are a new hygienist I would really consider investing (or asking your DDS to invest) in a few of these instruments. They're pretty amazing. After a year of having it (I've babied it a in I don't use it often, just on extremely heavy patients and SCRP) it is still quite sharp. It is NOT as sharp as when I first received it but it is the sharpest instrument we have in the office and that's with my fellow hygienist being a sharpening guru! This has saved my bacon on several occasions. Having a sharp instrument is SO SO important!! And as I mentioned, our instruments stay pretty sharp in our office, but this instrument is just incredible. I only have one (their curaler) and I wish I had a few others (like their blackjack, eagle claw and a curette!). So if you are new and feel like you're struggling to remove calculus, I think you might want to consider just 1 or 2 of these to start. See if they help you out, and if they do, fantastic!

Lastly: A lot of you out there are so afraid of applying to school or even applying to a program, in fear that you don't have what it takes or that you wont be able to balance family life. To this I say, you DO have what it takes and YOU CAN balance family life! It's all going to be ok. Don't take counsel from your fears! If this is something you want, you really can achieve it. Yes its hard, but guess what? YOU can do hard things!

If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. 

Good luck to all of you! Please continue to send me questions and comments because I do love hearing from you! Even the repetitive questions I love! ;-) Keep em coming. Happy Thanksgiving!